Summer game-changer: How Can I Save Money and Stay Cool?

Keep your costs as low as possible without compromising on cooling.

By Sabrina Smith / May 10, 2022

Deadly heat waves have swept the globe and will continue to because of climate change.

It’s Going to Be a Hot Summer. It Will Be Hotter if You’re Not Rich. Dorms, Cabins, Campers, Offices, Bedrooms, Kitchen, Garage, or Living rooms.

For me, summer is the most relaxing period of the year. Well, except for when I’m sitting inside the house, burning from the heat. And the worst part is that taking a cold shower doesn’t help. I don’t know about you, but I feel my clothes are dirty every time I sweat from the heat.

I swear I can sit under a running AC for hours. One thing that’s invariable is that running an air conditioner will increase your power bill. The longer you run your AC, the more you will pay.

I’ve been trying to reduce my energy consumption for the past year. Why? It’s no secret that ACs can skyrocket our monthly costs.

What are the side effects on your body?

Increased body temperature can cause heavy sweating, clammy skin, dehydration, tiredness, headache, dizziness, nausea, cramps, and a quick, weak pulse.

According to health experts, high workplace temperatures can affect employees in a multitude of ways. Employees can even get strain on their heart and lungs if temperatures continue to soar.

Since electricity costs even more now, I decided to look for an alternative cooling method. How can I save money and stay cool?

Don’t lose your cool with high air conditioning bills this summer.

I Found the ChillWell AC That Saves a Fortune Over Old-Fashioned AC. (My colleague from work who is very tech-savvy recommended ChillWell AC to me)

My first move was to put it on my office table, where I spend most of my time. Within a minute of turning it on, I felt a cold breeze coming my way. For a moment, I got goosebumps; it was such a satisfying feeling!

Exactly what is a ChillWell AC?

Rapid cooling – Cooling in 30 seconds (Stay Cool and Save BIG This Summer!)

4 speeds – Low, Medium, High and Turbo
Rechargeable – Easy with USB-C Energy Efficient
Completely Portable – A Chill Time Anywhere You Go!

No installation or maintenance costs, all you need is some tap water and the electrical outlet.

ChillWell AC comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that will last you the entire day.

It’s perfect not just for an office or bedroom but is the perfect size for travel. It’s for anywhere you’re headed this summer!

You can take it to any room you want, the office, garage, kitchen… Get instant relief from the heat wherever you go.

It created a cool environment in a very short period of time. ChillWell AC can be used up to 8h on High, 10h on Medium and 12h on Low Speed.

ChillWell AC has a cooling catridge to help trap dust particles before they get blown on you. alleviating dry air and stuffy sinuses. If you want a cool, fresh, and humidified air, ChillWell AC can provide this to you.

The best part about it is how silent it is. No loud, obnoxious fan noise to disrupt your concentration or sleep.

With summer around the corner, the ChillWell Portable AC is the Cheapest and best way to stay cool and comfortable. It is incredibly energy-efficient and will save you money from not running your expensive home AC.

I honestly have the perfect alternative to my expensive home AC now.

Full Review

If you’re on TikTok, Facebook, News and TV, chances are you’ve seen this portable air cooler since it has gone viral.

I always perform some kind of testing with any new product to determine if it’s worth it. Here’s my experience with ChillWell AC so far:

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